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The Mysterious Mr. Heath


Who is Laurence Heath? London solicitor Laurence Heath protects the secrets of the realm’s most powerful lords and ladies. But Heath is living a life of dangerous deceit, and now the mysteries of his past are threatening to destroy the only love he’s ever known…


"...The worldbuilding is well done, the characters are very real and three-dimensional, and the plot is intriguing. The problems between the main characters are very realistic to that time period and extremely understandable from all the viewpoints. The way the characters acted in the past and react later in the story is completely logical and understandable, and yet bound to make their worlds collide and their futures extremely messy. Ms. Atwell is to be congratulated for thinking of a basic premise from which these outcomes would flow so obviously, yet lead to so much future angst.

The book is engaging and well written, flowing smoothly throughout. The sex scenes are gripping and hot. 

All in all this is an intriguing story, well worth reading, and a slightly different take on a popular historical period."  -- Official Review,, read entire review here


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“No, it’s wrong. It has to be wrong,” she moaned, nearly to the edge now.

“Nothing that happens between us will ever be wrong,” he said fiercely. “Do you agree to my terms?”

She tried to wiggle closer, but he held her at bay.

“You drive an overly hard bargain, sir,” she protested.

“I make no apologies for my negotiating tactics,” he said.

“And what do I get in this deal, solicitor?” 

“Unspeakable pleasure far beyond what you’ve ever imagined. Are those terms agreeable to you, or shall I leave you here to find your pleasure without me?

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