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They call her Lady Perfect...

Penelope Cavanaugh, widow of the sixth Marquess of Huntley, is regarded by London society as the perfect wife and mother. With her upcoming wedding to the fabulously wealthy, but oh-so proper Duke of Kirwood, she’ll soon be the perfect duchess. But the accidental discovery of an old book offering lessons about the pleasures to be had in the bedchamber sparks Penelope’s desire to experience true passion before settling down into marriage again. Who can Lady Perfect trust to be her tutor?


A rake without redemption...

Reviled by society for gambling away his family’s fortune, Viscount Weymouth is just days away from debtor’s prison when he receives a mysterious summons and a most improper offer. In exchange for teaching her lessons in sensual pleasure, Penelope will give Weymouth the money he needs to reclaim his heritage. 
But will twenty-one nights really

be enough to satisfy their need for each other?

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"All in all this is an intriguing story, well worth reading." - Love Romances and More

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Don't miss the first book in the sensuous 

Cavanaugh Women Trilogy


"I will help you. But there will be a price. You know that don't you?"



"In this fast-moving historical erotica piece, the author delivers a spicy read...I found this to be the start of a sizzling new series that I look forward to reading."


“The pomp of Downton Abbey, the erotic adventure of Fifty Shades of Grey and the dark romantic undertones of Wuthering Heights. The next best thing to download on your Kindle.”

-Lori Marshall, co-author of

"My Happy Days in Hollywood" and

"Wake Me When It's Funny"





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